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"Land is the greatest heritage of African people"

Asparagus was first brought into the country around 1906 and was grown successfully in the Eastern Free State in the 1920's

Nestled in the Eastern Free State of South Africa lie farms that are rich in nutrients and abundant in natural resources, making them the perfect lands to cultivate our Denbi Asparagus.

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Denbi strives for the very best quality, from picking to packing, weighing and distributing with close monitoring of the cold chain. We surpass the quality and surpass all the standards through our audits

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Each of our farms is located in the Free State Area


The little farming town of Rosendal lies 43 kilometres north of Ficksburg

This is the location for one of our prosperous farms, amongst the beautiful scenery and nutrient rich lands are our dedicated farmers who are thriving and developing their skills through the VKB and Denbi Inititative

Qwa Qwa

Qwa Qwa was a Bantustan, or homeland, in the eastern part of South Africa. Harvesting of asparagus on the farm has gone from strength to strength

Hope Valley

Hope Valley is the oldest of the Denbi asparagus farms which enables harvesting to continue longer into the season

Hints and Tips

Explore the amazing world of asparagus with us


Best method for storing asparagus for longer: Choose the freshest possible asparagus. Leave the rubber band around the bunch until use but trim the ends if necessary

Fill a container with an inch of water and store the asparagus upright. Cover with a plastic bag and change the water regularly especially when cloudy

The tips of asparagus will begin to go bad first so the best way to tell if your asparagus is going bad is to look at the tips, they will begin to turn a very dark green (almost black)


Asparagus is a superfood packed with nutrition. and is best enjoyed fresh, but can last a few weeks if stored correctly

Asparagus pairs with many foods and is an essential ingredient to healthy dishes

1 cup of cooked asparagus contains 40 calories, 4 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber and 404 milligrams of potassium. Potassium is good for blood pressure and asparagus also contains asparaptine, which helps improve blood flow and in turn helps lower blood pressure.

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Explore the amazing world of asparagus with us